A Snowy Day in December

What a surprise today – I heard we expected a half to one inch snowfall that wasn’t going  to stick, but instead got over 8 inches!  Lost power for a few hours at night, but the fire was warm and we woke to a wonderland of snow.

Just Magical

December Snow 2017 (44)

Snowy Lights

Of course I begged to go out for a walk, to romp around in this wet, cold stuff.

Let’s go!

Love this stuff

However, Merlin opted to stay inside, curled up on the bed.  He was a bit of a humbug, claiming the wet snow would ruin his coat.   Whatever!

What snow?

Three Amigos – The Brewdogs

Gosh, it looks like Kodi snuck out tonight and headed off to his favorite brewery (Dry County in Kennesaw) to meet up with his buds – Gibson and Chipper.  Well, he tells me that they got their picture taken along with the taphandle for Three Amigos beer, something of a favorite among our owners and their friends.  Shucks, do you you think they have room for a brewcat?    . . . .  Merlin

Fireside Sheltie 

Which end is up?

It was a cold and rainy night recently, so a fire was set and Kodi grabbed a favorite toy to curl up with.  Caught him on camera, all fluff and static electricity, but Kodi knew something was up and quickly righted himself as if to ask “what?  Can’t a dog relax by the fire?”

Just relaxing by the fire

Kodi the Model

His rugged look …

Kodi tells me he is building his modeling portfolio and hoping to get the bag shot for Blue Buffalo or one other dog food.  Really?  I mean, ok, you are kind of a good looking pup, but kid, you gotta earn your way to the top.  Do some shelter work first, maybe visit a few nursing homes, that sort of thing.  You know, I coulda been a contender, too … Meow Mix maybe?

The farm dog look …

I can see you out there

You know, I might seem very content in here and you might think I don’t know what is going on out there, but I can see you.  I can watch the squirrels and birds and other dogs around here and I am taking notes, too.


Kodi arrives at Yellowstone

Well, you have to admire his ability to pose for a good shot.  Kodi is looking forward to finding a few good sticks to chew on in Yellowstone.

Glacier Dog!


I am just a bit jealous that this darn dog gets to go outside, but you know, I really don’t like it too much when they hook me up to the harness and force me to be out in that … wilderness.

But when Kodi got back today he told me he got to cross a bridge over the St. Mary River and actually (yes really), actually drank from the river.  Do you know what bears do in the river?  Well, he is just a puppy after all.

Look, I thought it would be comfortable …

a Montana (19)

… you know, the sun was shining, you weren’t driving and the dog was leaving me alone, so I figured what the heck.

Hey, who’s driving this thing anyway?

Kodi, keep your eyes on the road at least.  You want me to work the pedals for you while you do the wheel?

Sudoku – is that math?

Every once in a while I sneak some time doing Jackie’s sudoku puzzles.  I wonder if she knows I complete some of them for her?  It gets kinda hard keeping all those numbers in your head, so sometimes I give it a rest.  Just play with the pencil, maybe.

Ugh, what’s so good about it?

This darn dog gets up waaay too early.  Sleep a lititle already.  So where are my pancakes?

Another long trip? Give me a break!

Well we are off again for a long trip it seems.  Gotta get this new kid used to the ride.  I was figuring to pester him while I was secure under the sofa, but what the heck?  He seems to think his place is co-pilot up front.  I mean, doesn’t he know that cats are supposed to ride on laps, not dogs??

Copilot Kodi

And what’s with the cute looks when you are out in the campsite?  Sheesh.  I guess that’s why he gets the front seat.

Kodi in camp at FW Kent

What I put up with . . . 

Merlin with new fur coat

He’s an energetic puppy, I get it.  He’s playful, I get that, too.  I have a lot of fun chasing him around the house, and sometimes I let him chase me.  But when Kodi wanted to play today, he decided I should play with his furry squirrel toy.  “It’s fun — it even squeaks.  Here you try it.”  Yeah, right, I don’t think so.  That is so not a cat toy.  “Well, here, you can have it.  I know you will like it” he declared.  And that is how I ended up with this lovely new fur coat on me.

Somebody help me out here, ok?  It’s pitiful, right?

Rolling down the highway . . .

Yet again we are on the move, not something I requested, mind you.

There were a few stops and some long drives, but finally we seem to be staying put for a while.

I caught Kodi sleeping off a play session with his stuffed beer mug – kid can’t handle his beer.

I find that the dashboard is very handy for watching the action and … well … you know, catching up on my sleep.  Hard to decide which way to stretch out …

Oh, but a rainy day in camp?! 

No way is this any fun on the dashboard.

How is anyone supposed to relax, what with all the booming and pelting. Sheesh.

I also observed that Kodi is becoming quite the avid reader.  It seems he has taken a liking to Tom Clancy novels.  He simply devoured one yesterday.

And what is with that goofy grin of his?

He just stares at you, waiting for you to play with him and smiling that silly grin.

Gotta teach that dog how to be more reserved, you know, not being so obvious that he wants to play.


What’s with that schnozz?

OMG, can you believe they took this lil’ firecracker to puppy class to teach him some manners?  Actually, it was probably a smart move, since from my view from atop the kitchen chair, he needs a bit of instruction.  Not that I haven’t tried my best … it took a few bops to the nose to get him to stop nipping the ears.  I have always considered them my best feature, so don’t mess with them, dude.

With an edible diploma no less!

So they return home in a flurry one night this week with a diploma and pictures and Kodi is all happy, happy.  Well, I guess I can be happy for him too – this one time.  But you gotta stop the ear nipping!

 . . . Merlin

Another camping adventure?  Seriously?

So now we have to go and introduce this new kid Kodi to the whole camping thing.  I tried to take him aside and give him some pointers, but dang it all he wants to do is nip at my ears, so he’s on his own.  For some reason, THEY decided I should ride in the noisy motorhome up to camp, while the kid got to ride in the car.

Well, how did that turn out?  Kodi tells me he didn’t feel so good the whole time, but I said he should have hidden under the seat like I do.  Guess he missed that opportunity.  But here we are, all together at camp.  Except that I have to stay inside the whole time while they take Kodi for walks and treats and all sorts of neat stuff.  I could smell some good adventures all over him when he comes back.  Ah, well.  It’s kinda comfy here in the motorhome, so who cares?  Back to my sleeping spot …

Hide in Plain Sight?

Maybe I can pretend I am one of the dog’s toys here on the floor … think he will notice?


Well, maybe he isn’t  so bad…

Heck, he’s kinda cute when he’s sleeping.

You really ought to read my very well written notes on this new addition to the family. When my nails are sharp I can really be pretty perceptive.  Anyway, this new Kodi is a pretty good guy to have around. We watched ” Secret Life of Pets” together tonight. It was also a remembrance of my very best buddy, who was born 15 years ago today: Benji.

So one picture of Benji and me and one of the new kid Kodi and me.

Happy Valentines Day.

Best buddies 2016

Best buddies 2016


Hey… did you like, miss the bed?

OK, I have to admit, this new kid is kinda cute.  Been keeping my distance, but he is OK with a few tail flicks in the face.

My best trick was to hop up on the footstool and watch him jump up to get me. HA! Take that…wop to the nose just to let him know who is boss. Claws retracted for now, but if this kid gets too rough I’m going all Wolverine on him…claws and all.

OK, they bought him this nice, soft bed to curl up into, but … dude you are like so not in it. What’s up with that?

Cats rule.    And what’s with the pillow?  Just sayin…


So… what’s with the new kid?

Kodi 1

New kid “Kodi”

Just when I had the place to myself, all the attention properly focused on me: the cat.  Now this new kid shows up.  Sounds like his name is Kodi.  Not even as big as me for heaven’s sake.  But he seems to be some mini version of Benji, a Sheltie.  Hmm, gonna check him out from afar for now, trying to see if he is a good witch or a bad witch (sorry, been watching Emerald City on TV lately).  I’ll let you know how it goes  –  maybe it’s just temporary.


I’m watching you …

Meeting the backyard neighbors … with a warning to leave him alone.

Hey, a little help here?

Ok, so it’s the end of 2016 and we celebrate all the friends and fun we had and look ahead to the new year. I get it.
I resolve not to complain too loudly when I see the bottom of my bowl.

Now, can somebody help me with this bottle?  Please?  Paws and claws are not so good here… I promise not to chase the cork.   Well… maybe. Awww come on …

Happy New Year to all our friends and family!  Let’s continue the adventure in 2017!


… but it’s warm in here

I was watching the birds and deer out the window and they were all so wet and cold.  I hear people saying it’s a cold rain and it was freezing temperatures out there.  Simple solution… they should be in here.  It’s  nice and cozy by this fire.  Hey could someone put a little hot cocoa in that dish on the floor?  It’s right over there.. Hey.. it’s  the empty one .. ack, nevermind.

New Toys!

“Hey Jackie … what’s with the ornaments on the tree?  I could swear there were more on the tree yesterday.”


oooh sparkly


I have no idea how that got there, seriously.

Well what did you expect? You dangled these new toys right in front of me and dared me to ignore them.  So maybe just a little tap, or two and …. ooops, look at that it fell on the floor.  Well now it’s fair game.

Cold but Comfy


The weather got cold a couple of nights and suddenly this new cover got put on the bed.  About time!  It makes a nice place to tuck in and, well, leave a few bits of fluff.  It is nice, but I actually prefer the heating vents on the floor when it gets good and cold at night … although I don’t get why I get yelled at for this, I mean it is a perfectly warm spot to settle down.   What’s the deal with that?

Stranger Things

Well, we are home now from the mountains and I hear we missed seeing a bear.  Heck, I could do just fine not seeing a bear.  Now that we are home, there are new toys to play with.  These little things in the bowl are great to pick up and then chase around the kitchen.  But I have to sneak them out of the bowl … and they keep getting picked up and put back!  You have to approach them very carefully, in case someone sees you.  Pay no attention to that cat next to the pumpkin … you see nothing


Off we go again!

No idea where the magical mystery tour is going, but this time I am going along, too. Practically had to sit in a basket of clothes to be sure I got on board.

Not sure where we got to, but all I care is that I made it along,too.  Very satisfied for now. So don’t  I look great? Yes, thank you. You may go now…

Left Behind


Bad enough I am lonely at home without my buddy, but just as I was getting used to life as a single pet, I got dumped here and left behind.  Strange place, even though I kinda recognize the people and I remember those two cats.  Last time they were at my place they messed with my toys – and you should see how they left the litter box!  Hope they leave me alone.
Do you know they have a moose?  They talk about it and I hear it moving around, sniffing and making noises downstairs, but I am NOT about to go see.  And this other thing that smells funny and drools and they carry around … oh wait, they put it down on the rug … RUN!

Argh.  How long is this going to last?

(Editor’s note:  it seems Merlin needs some translation.  Moose is the name of a very large English Mastiff and the other creature is a six month old grandson).


Best buddies 2016

Best buddies 2016

I will miss my friend.

Benji died today at home.  Just before breakfast he laid down and didn’t get up.  He was 13 years and 5 months of special memories for his family and a true adventurer.

I know he is happily walking some trails, stopping to look back and wait for his family to catch up.

You are loved forever.

Merlin and Family

Benji and Merlin in RV

Benji and I in the place they call the RV


Meow.  Finally I get my own page.  Benji and I don’t understand why we have to be going places all the time . . . we were just fine back home.  But I’ll fill you in on what it’s REALLY like rolling along in this noisy box.  Did anyone ask me MY opinion about this big adventure??



This Florida adventure was OK .. at least I got to chitter at a pesky Cardinal out the front windshield most days.  But I really need more room to explore and stretch out.  Guess I have to find new spots to hang out in the RV.

Piercing stare once safely back home.

Piercing stare once safely back home.  Yeah, I’m lookin at YOU.


Heading home at last!

Heading home at last!


Gotta check out this new spot at the controls!

Gotta check out this new spot at the controls!


Hey, I think I like the beach life...Relax!

Hey, I think I like the beach life…Relax!


Benji asked me to post this picture from St. Andrews State Park. He has trouble with the laptop keys...

Benji asked me to post this picture from St. Andrews State Park. He has trouble with the laptop keys…


Dinette isn't a bad spot.

Dinette isn’t a bad spot.

My Favorite Spot

Just relaxing...

Just relaxing…

Merlin on couch

Just the spot to relax and keep an eye on the neighbors.

Back at ya, Merlin . . .

Arches Dog Benji

Arches Dog Benji

This is Benji and I snuck onto the computer to post my latest selfies… beat that Merlin.  We were camping along the Colorado River in Grand Junction and then we got to this place with all these red rocks.  I love this clean air.

Colorado River Dog Benji

Colorado River Dog Benji

Hey, Mountain Dog!

I got a bit out-done there by Benji and his “Mountain Dog” picture, so I demanded a shot of my own in Rocky Mountain National Park.  What about that?

Rocky Mountains (63)

Rocky Mountain Cat Merlin

What’s the deal with meals?

Pet copilots

One of those days we travel on an empty stomach.

OMG  (Oh Meow Gosh)   So I told Benji I figured something out. You know the days that we don’t get breakfast – despite numerous vocal reminders – those are the days that we will be jostled around in the RV and stuff and no breakfast. Then we show up somewhere different and they finally pull out the food. Now as you can see, I tried to protest this daily moving and shaking, didn’t seem to matter. Seriously, do you know how hard it is to use the litterbox when we are bumping along? Let a cat have some dignity already.

Can we please pull over to a rest stop?

Can we please pull over to a rest stop?

You know, I can see you packing stuff … and why am I wearing this harness?

What? Six weeks in here? We're headed where?

What? Six weeks in here? We’re headed where?

Well, Benji, it looks like they are up to something again, all this in and out.  I was just settling down on the clothes on the bed and ‘whoosh’ they scooped them up and tossed me off.  And look at you, spinning in circles ’cause they grabbed the leash.  Calm down man.

Worst Day Ever!

Camping world adventure

Oh the shame!

I mean, seriously.  How would you feel if you were wheeled around in a shopping cart for 5 hours … in a Camping World no less.  They even had the dog in here with me for a while, but I told him to complain so he got sprung.  Meow!

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