Hi There!

We are just a couple of middle school teachers from Kennesaw, Georgia who retired recently (2015) and are heading out to see the world.  Our 33 foot Winnebago will be taking us, along with our dog and cat, to lots of State and National Parks around the United States.  It is probably our background in wildlife biology that makes us want to explore everything we can and maybe share a few of our experiences along the way. Read our blog for the latest adventures and check out the “PLACES” link to see some pictures and videos of our travels or “Happenings” for fun stuff going on.

Thanks for stopping by.  Follow us and share us with friends.  Keep us updated on your adventures, too.

Doug and Jackie


Happy Day! At home celebrating that final day of school — ever!


16 thoughts on “Home

  1. Love the blog


  2. "just another teacher" LH

    I’m jealous! You both are so deserving! Per your post, know you were much more than “JUST a couple of middle school teachers.” Enjoy traveling and keep us posted!


    • Gawrsh, thanks. You and so many of our colleagues are just as dedicated to good teaching. Jackie and I really do have a passion for teaching and would probably still be doing it, if not for the behavior battles, lack of respect for the profession and the crazy evaluation system that found veteran teachers to be “emerging.” I think two cycles back, the best you could hope to be was “proficient.” No wonder there is a teacher shortage!


  3. Sara Sawyer Cafe Manager

    Looks like fun! Enjoy!!


  4. What a marvelous site you’ve developed! It has got to be great to see the country, talk with new people and drink fine beer. Glad we were able to enjoy a couple brews this past week! Some day perhaps, my adventures will be close to yours…


  5. Marci

    Wow! You have a very busy year planned! Sounds great! We have a couple trips planned, but my biggest decision for each week is usually whether to shop at Publix or Kroger!!!
    Hope to see you soon and also follow your adventures on your blog!
    We are in Cancun this week with kids and grandkids…. #10 Lussiers❤️🌞🎉


  6. Cyntha Long

    WELCOME HOME! Glad a wonderful time was had by all! Pics are wonderful!


  7. Caro

    Hello!this is Caro from Ketchikan. I spoke with you earlier today. (I have a pretty cool garden). You gave me your card and I looked! WOW!! Not at all what I expected!! Your glass Totems are gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing!😘


    • Thanks for the compliments. Now you have a new hobby to consider! Your garden was such fun. Now that we are back home I can write the next story for the blog and include your garden photo. Ketchican was an amazing place to visit.


  8. Sonja Fordham

    Hello. I am a shark conservationist (Shark Advocates International) working to promote the recovery of endangered sawfish. I love your photo from last April of two sawfish at Atlantis in Nassau. My colleagues and I are having an event there soon and I was wondering if you would allow us to use your sawfish photo for educational (non-profit) materials (?). Thanks for your consideration. Sonja


    • Sonja

      It looks like your organization has a lot going on. Good for you.

      You may use the photo for non-commercial educational use, of course. I would ask that you add photo credits, please, when it appears.

      I hope it helps your efforts.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Sonja Fordham

    That’s wonderful. Thanks very much. How would you like the credit to read/appear? (Which name?). Thanks again.


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