Places & Video Gallery

Video links are posted first on this page, followed by some photo galleries of places we have been.

Video Links   

These are posted on our YouTube channel with the links below.  Strictly amateur videos of some of the hikes, snorkel and paddleboard adventures we have had.  The ones out West really give you a sense of scale and wonder.  Check out the growing list of CRUISE videos for some fun.

Western Trip to Utah and Colorado, 2021 

Exploring Canyonlands Island in the Sky

New for 2022!   It is hard to describe just how vast and beautiful the landscape of Canyonlands National Park is, even pictures don’t fully capture the breathtaking beauty. Our Western adventure in October 2021 took us to the Moab region of Utah to camp in an amazing campground: Dead Horse Point State Park. We explored the Island in the Sky region of Canyonlands in this video, with a snippet of our drive down the Shafer Trail in our Jeep.

Exploring Dead Horse Point to Moab

New for 2022!   Camping at Dead Horse Point State Park in Moab, Utah was an unforgettable experience for us. This stop on our October 2021 trip to Colorado and Utah was the highlight for sure, with 4-wheeling adventures on Long Canyon Road, Shafer Trail and Potash Road plus grand overlooks and hikes across the mesas and slickrock. This is but one of the videos of that adventure in Canyonlands and more.

Rafting the Colorado River in Moab (UT)

New for 2022!   While camping at Dead Horse State Park in Canyonlands we booked a half-day rafting adventure on the Colorado River. It was a pretty amazing trip between the red sandstone cliffs as our guide navigated the muddy rapids and our raftmates had a wet and wild time.


Snow Day in Colorado (Crawford, CO)

An afternoon sleet storm followed by an overnight snowstorm caught us by surprise in Colorado, but it also made for a picture perfect time.  We explored the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Crested Butte and the Kebler Pass that day, all covered with a couple inches of snow (but not everything made the video, right Kodi?)

Shafer Trail / Potash Road (Canyonlands, Moab, Utah)

This was an amazing down-the-canyon drive even the video can’t fully capture. A trip from the Dead Horse Point State Park and Canyonlands National Park to the Colorado River outside Moab, Utah. The GoPro Hero9 is so good at image stabilization that it looks like a smooth ride – and it was anything but. No guard rails, either, so you had to hope you didn’t run into someone coming the other way!

Long Canyon Road (Canyonlands, Moab, Utah)

Another “bucket list” off-road drive not to be missed in Canyonlands outside Moab, Utah. Who wouldn’t want to experience “Pucker Pass” and this massive chunk of rock you drive under … very slowly. Watch for Jackie to jump out for a closer look (that I missed on editing). We love our new Jeep.

Bryce Canyon Hike (Utah)

An otherworldly landscape that we experienced on a beautiful, crisp fall day. The day was perfect and the scenery was breathtaking – literally, since we were huffing and puffing our way along the 3 mile hike that dropped down about 600 feet at the 8,000 ft. elevation — and then back up again along some challenging switchbacks. You don’t want to miss the Wall Street section of the Queen’s Garden/Navajo Loop trail. The next day we left the area in a snowstorm that dropped about 6 inches of snow, so our day turned out to be the best chance for hiking.

Cruise Videos and Excursions

A Prima Voyage    New for 2023!

A new ship to explore and new adventures to experience, this was a great celebration of our 70th birthdays. Ziplines, drop slides, bobsled runs, sky lifts, snorkeling and go karts — what more could you ask? Check out the newest Norwegian Cruise Lines ship Prima – see what the Indulge Food Hall has to offer and just a few of the onboard activities (honestly, I was having too much fun to capture everything on video). Don’t miss the wild end to our snorkeling adventure!

Cruising the Sunshine  New for 2022!

This was a blast of a short cruise with family out of Charleston, SC aboard the Carnival Sunshine.  We had great rooms up front on the Lido Deck, which made it real easy for the grandsons Wyatt and Owen to get to the food and fun.  It was a first time cruise for Jason, Karina and the boys and we were joined by awesome cruisers Aunt Linda and Uncle Norm!  We made a port stop in Nassau (stayed aboard) and Half Moon Cay for some great fun splashing around and enjoying the tropics.  It isn’t a complete tour of the ship, just the fun stuff.

How We Did Harmony of the Seas . . . Again!  New for 2022!

After you watch our first video of the Harmony of the Seas you ought to check out this new adventure from our Easter 2022 family cruise.  Yes, 14 of us, most of the family, set out from Orlando and visited St. Thomas, St. Maarten and Perfect Day at Coco Cay.  It was a blast, as you will see (I was having too much fun to catch all the action on video).

How We Did Harmony of the Seas

This is a funny video of how my family enjoyed just some of what Harmony of the Seas has to offer – we cruised twice on the Harmony in 2019 and had a blast.  Not everything made it to video, but what did was a lot of fun.

Whale Watching off San Diego   New for 2022!

What a great time following some gray whales off the coast of San Diego in January.  We spotted several spouts, saw some fluking and were surrounded by dolphin on this “high seas adventure.”  It was part of a great trip to visit my sister Linda and her husband Norm.

Alaska Whales and Wildlife 2018

An Alaska cruise is amazing on many levels, but most especially if you catch some of the native wildlife. Jeff, Vickie, Jackie and I took our first Alaska cruise June 2018 and had a blast. Our trip started in Anchorage where we rented a car and drove along the coastline to Seward to catch our ship, the Celebrity Millennium. Wildlife along the road, sea otters and whales in the ocean, and plenty more whales spotted on excursions. Icy Strait Point and Juneau were our whale watching departure ports, but we really enjoyed the harbor at Seward, too. I juggled my 35mm digital camera and my Gopro to catch what I could on camera, but it still wasn’t enough. The best memories are ones you just experience.

Roatan, Honduras Snorkel

Without a doubt, the best reef I have snorkeled.  Such a colorful collection of coral, fans and sponges on the ridge.  This was an excursion of our Western Caribbean cruise aboard Harmony of the Seas.

Cozumel Reef Snorkel

Snorkeling Cozumel just off shore is an easy float, as the current takes you across reefs that go from 10 to 30 feet deep.  I added some fish identification to this one, to the best of of my research.  This was an excursion of our Western Caribbean cruise aboard Harmony of the Seas.

St. Maarten Swim and Snorkel

This really wasn’t reef snorkeling, but we did see some cool ballyhoo and the clear waters of the sandy French side beaches were awesome.  This was an excursion of our Western Caribbean cruise aboard Harmony of the Seas.

Backyard Wildlife 

Fawn’s First Days  This was a pretty stunning surprise that happened right in front of our backyard trail camera.  Fawns in the backyard is an annual occurrence for us, but not on film like this!

What Happens at Night?  See how our backyard comes alive!

More of What Happens at Night  See more of our backyard antics at night!

Georgia Mountains

If you want to see what it’s like from the driver’s seat going down the road from Black Rock Mountain, watch the new video “Leaving Black Rock Mountain” – but hold on tight, it is a wild ride.

Amicalola Falls State Park, Georgia

Amicalola Falls State Park (GA) Zipline, Part One

Amicalola Falls State Park (GA) Zipline, Part Two

Videos of our various adventures:

Clear Creek Campground, Lewis Smith Lake, Alabama

Smith Lake Bike and Paddle

Custer State Park, South Dakota

Driving Needles Highway

Bison and Elk in Custer State Park

Badlands National Park, South Dakota

Hiking Notch and Saddle Pass Trails, Badlands National Park

Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming

Hiking to Heron Pond and Swan Lake

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Hiking Mt. Washburn Trail, halfway, from Dunraven Pass trailhead

Hiking Pelican Valley Trail, partway, Yellowstone National Park (with grizzly)

Glacier National Park, Montana

Hiking back from St. Mary Falls, Glacier National Park

Highlights of hiking Hidden Lake Overlook Trail, Glacier National Park, Montana

Highline Trail, Glacier National Park, Montana (the ledge at Logan Pass)

St. Andrews State Park, Florida

More Snorkeling in St. Andrews State Park, Panama City Beach, Florida  2017

Snorkeling in St. Andrews State Park, Panama City Beach, Florida  2017

Paddleboarding at St. Andrews State Park, Panama City Beach, Florida 2017

Zion National Park, Utah  

Hiking the Angel’s Landing Trail, Zion National Park

Hiking the Narrows, Zion National Park

Arches National Park, Utah

Double Arch Rainy Day Hike, Arches National Park

Delicate Arch Slickrock Rainy Hike Return, Arches National Park

Park Avenue Hike, Sunny Day, Arches National Park

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Bright Angel Trail, up from the Mile and a Half Rest House, Grand Canyon South Rim

Unicoi State Park, Georgia

Zipline Adventure at Unicoi State Park (short clip)

Some of the places we have visited . . .

Georgia Mountains, Neels Gap to Blood Mountain

Key West and the Florida Keys

New York and some of our old neighborhoods in New Jersey

Washington, DC and my old neighborhoods in Delaware and New Jersey

Topsail Hill State Park, Santa Rosa Beach, FL (2016)

St. Andrews State Park, Panama City Beach, FL (2016)

Hike Inn to Appalachian Trail, Amicalola Falls, GA  (May 2016)

Bahamas Cruise to Nassau  (April 2016)

Cloudland Canyon State Park, Georgia  (April 2016)

Spring around the Neighborhood 2016  (I can’t help but shoot pictures this time of year!)

Caribbean Cruise  (December 2015)

Grand Turk

St. Thomas & St. John