Glass Totems

There are a few moments when we aren’t exploring the country in our motorhome, or maybe not fixing, winterizing and de-winterizing the motorhome or planning the next adventure.  So what else do we do in the off-season besides get together with our “brewcrew”?

One of my recent hobbies, thanks to inspiration from a good friend, is a sort of folk art using glass vases, bowls, plates and candle holders.  The result is a colorful glass sculpture that has no useful purpose beyond a cool garden decoration, deck accent or even something you might have inside.  It’s fun to shop the thrift stores and such, especially on senior discount days.  (My goal now is to pass along totems to friends and family until they cry “no more!”)

Newest challenge is to add lighting elements.  I have added a string of LED battery lights to my “New York” and “Pretty in Purple” totems and am experimenting with solar lights on “Polar” and others.  Stay tuned as I shatter some glass (oops) while trying to drill holes!

What do you think?


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