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Happy 2023!    New Tabletop Totems are here . . . 


I haven’t been quite so active with my glass work lately, what with my new bread baking (gotta keep that sourdough starter fed and happy!), but I did spend some time a few months back trying to use up some of the many glass pieces I have on my workbench.  The plates, vases, and such are just taking up too much space, but I seem to lack just the “right” piece to pull together another creation.  The weather, random limbs falling and deer running through the yard have also kept me busy with some repairs.  It happens – after all, it’s glass.  I did manage to try some smaller totems that work quite well on tabletops.  It seems my local source of inexpensive glass pieces has fewer than usual items, so I may be at an impass to complete more of these craftworks.  I will keep this section of my blog up and active for a few more months, but it may be time to retire the online space devoted to this fun hobby.  I hope you gain some inspiration from these designs.


My Year of Bread includes some videos and tips about the process of learning how to nurture sourdough culture and several other kinds of breads and desserts.  Check it out at my video channel:  Breadmaking VIDEOS

New flowers are blooming!

This is a new twist on my glass sculptures, just completed.  The base plate is about 14″ across, if I’m lucky it is an egg plate, then drilled and bolted to a section of PVC pipe.  I also worked with a few to have a flush mount hook for wall hanging, but that has proven a bit tricky getting a hook that hangs the “flower” flat against the wall.

   Wall Flowers



There are a few moments when we aren’t exploring the country in our motorhome, or maybe not fixing, winterizing and de-winterizing the motorhome or planning the next adventure.  So what else do we do in the off-season besides get together with our “brewcrew”?

One of my recent hobbies, thanks to inspiration from a good friend, is a sort of folk art using glass vases, bowls, plates and candle holders.  The result is a colorful glass sculpture that has no useful purpose beyond a cool garden decoration, deck accent or even something you might have inside.  It’s fun to shop the thrift stores and such, especially on senior discount days.  (My goal now is to pass along totems to friends and family until they cry “no more!”)

My recent challenge has been to add lighting elements.  I have added a string of LED battery lights to my “New York” and “Pretty in Purple” totems and am experimenting with solar lights on “Polar” and others.  Stay tuned as I shatter some glass (oops) while trying to drill holes!

I also tried something different with some of the smaller pieces: hanging totems.  Yes, they do resemble hummingbird feeders, only better (and then they would have a purpose — mine have no purpose except to look cool!).  I am also experimenting with alcohol inks on some of the pieces to create some matching accents.  Since the collection is growing fairly quickly, I used some weathered wood to build an outdoor display wall next to the patio.

Here is the growing gallery of glass totems, some of which have been passed along to family and friends, some of which have been reconfigured due to damage (falling branches and such):

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