Not our first camping trip . . .

Got to thinking that we must have some pictures of our early adventures camping in a motorhome.  So I pulled out a photo album, scanned (and color corrected) some prints of us in 1978 as we made a camping sweep across Florida that summer.  It was in the quintessential van of its time: the VW micro-bus, camper edition.  It was really quite convenient for two people – small sink that you pumped water from a tank, an icebox that relied on a nice big chunk of block ice to keep cool, food storage and prep tables on the swing out doors, and then you converted almost the whole interior to a bed at night.  Oh, and a pop-up top for extra headroom and ventilation.

No AC, in fact the heater was on for the whole trip.  If you ever had a VW van, you know how the lever and cable to the heating unit usually would rust shut or open, so you either had heat or you didn’t – whether you wanted it or not.

These pictures are from Fort Wilderness Campground at Walt Disney World Resort (sorry, it was an evening arrival), and Daytona Beach.

Daytona 1978 2

Daytona Beach 1978

Daytona Van 1978

Daytona Beach 1978

Ft Wilderness 1978 1

Fort Wilderness 1978

Ft Wilderness 1978 2

Fort Wilderness 1978

It seems we also were in St. Augustine that summer, too.  37 years ago … gosh we haven’t changed a bit!

St Augustine Doug

St. Augustine 1978

St Augustine Jackie

St. Augustine 1978

On a later trip through Cape Cod we put a bike rack on the front of the van with two bikes attached (extra protection in a crash, no doubt), but that’s another story.

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