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Every Child Left Behind

Well the end of summer is finally here and we are seeing what it’s like for that September beach vacation we all wonder about.  I can tell you that yes, the water is still warm, the beaches are still awesome and the weather is typical hot with showers, just like summer.  But the crowd is different: toddlers and seniors, not teenagers.  And of course, less crowds altogether.  The teacher in both of us still wonders why we see a dozen or more school-aged students still around.  Isn’t every school in session right now?  Oh, well, maybe home-schooled or just vacationing.  Still, we kinda want to ask “why aren’t you in school?” (and of course, “Is that gum in your mouth?”)

Thanks for the shirts, Bernie!

Thanks for the shirts, Bernie!

Anyway, Myrtle Beach has a nice beach and we are right on it. Not with our RV, although there are several RV parks that are right on the beach. We are using our time share points for this week. Lots of pools and hot tubs at this resort; several walks along the beach and a bike ride to stay active. Local happy hours have been good for inexpensive meals of finger foods and seafood.

Complaint department:  Let me share one frustration about using a time share that you own . . . while using the vacation you paid for, you have to fight off the “upsell” that happens every time.  To get your parking pass you have to visit a separate desk, where they try to schedule you for a complimentary breakfast or lunch and maybe $50 (which experience has taught us takes hours and is a timeshare sales pitch) and find yourself having to explain that all you want to do is relax.  Then you receive phone calls about your “welcome gift” which has to be presented to both adults and consists again of the Q&A about extra vacations, more points and such.  Be careful about the morning coffee and snacks for owners – heavily populated by sales staff.  So can you ever just use the vacation and not be pushed to buy more vacation???  Guess not.

Great view of the beach!

Great view of the beach!


Happy hour at local spot

Happy hour at local spot


Beach chairs

Beach chairs that say it all . . .


Back of car decal

The heck with ‘Salt Life’ – THIS one is on my car.


Good Deed ReDo

Ok, you remember the day that I helped push a wheelchair across the beach (with the brake still on)?  Sitting on the beach this week, there was another couple using a wheelchair across the sand.  I figured I would try once again to help out, so I helped pull the chair (a regular wheel style) across the sand and up the ramps back to the hardscape of the resort.  No brakes on . . . success!

On the way back home …

Just had to stop for a brew and sandwich!

Just had to stop for a brew and barbecue!

We head home at the end of this week, via Charleston (never been there yet) and a quick visit with my parents in Hilton Head.  Southend Brewery was a cool spot to sample some craft beer and eat some barbecue.

One week left before we roll out with the RV and the pets on our westward adventure.  Hope we remember to pack everything!  Be sure to check out the Places Gallery where I can post more pictures from our trips, and tell your friends to follow us on the blog!

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3 thoughts on “Just Beachy

  1. Sounds like you are having a cool vacation. My hubby and I are checking out MB and NMB. Would love you to visit my blog, mybucketlisttravels@wordpress.com


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