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Hometown Tourists, Part 2

This weekend we spent a little more time visiting the local sights here in Kennesaw and catching up with friends.  Knowing that our good friends “Blind Fate” would be playing at the Burnt Hickory Brewery on Saturday, we hit the micro-brewery to see what it was all about.  Short tour was followed by some sampling of the results.  You can purchase 6 pours, which was enough for Jackie and I to split, or 12 if you are really thirsty.  We liked the lime and sour beers and a pear variety.  The peanut butter cup variation (with something else, maybe graham cracker) was a bit sweet and heavy for me.

Burnt Hickory Brewery

Inside the brewery

We grabbed a stool and a barrel table and got to listen to some great tunes by Blind Fate’s Terri and Dan (joined by a harmonica player, but I missed his name).  Terri even made pretzel necklaces to snack on!  What fun.

Blind Fate Live at the Brewery

Terri of Blind Fate Live at the Brewery

Next stop was the Pigs and Peaches celebration in Kennesaw.  We had barbeque, bar-b-cue, barbecue, BBQ ribs, sandwiches, pulled and slathered with sauce (and some more beer to wash it down).  Checked out the Weber Grill Academy and other booths.  Great afternoon, but was it ever HOT … mid-90’s at least.  It was fun checking out the competition side of things, with all their trailer rigs and special smokers.

Next adventure starts Monday.  We are headed down toward Eatonton and Lawrence Shoals Recreation Area.  This is a Georgia Power managed site that looks like paddleboarding and hiking will be possible.  Just a few days to hike, paddle, explore and relax around the campsite before we do our Labor Day trip to Myrtle Beach.  High Falls State Park was first on our list, but we don’t think there is enough to do for a couple of days staying at the falls.  Will post a few pictures from the camp later in the week.

Thanks for checking in.

We are the only ones camping here this week, so we have the place to ourselves. If you ever wondered what vacationing in August is like, it’s quiet.
Lake Oconee is warm, clean and lined with granite outcroppings. Wonderful for paddling and swimming.

Busy day paddleboarding.  Time to relax.

Busy day paddleboarding. Time to relax.


Lake Oconee Selfie

Loving this. We are the only campers in the place!

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