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Fawns and Fitbits

Back home again and enjoying the deck!  However,  it seems we have interrupted the lives of our sometimes guests, the deer herd.  It’s almost laughable, since we had deer around us at St. Andrews and wandering through the campsite at Manatee Springs.  Now at home we had three roaming the yard, one young buck now in velvet, looking at us as the intruders. These must be last year’s fawns.

Backyard deer 2015 (1) 6x4

Oh, you’re back home?

(Horseshoes anyone?)

Mother doe checked in next door with the single fawn, now about a month old, and the twin fawns appeared on the other side, also greeted by mom and taken off for a stroll.  Will post some pictures soon for those of you who haven’t seen any deer lately.

Backyard deer 2015 (3) 10x4

The new twins beyond the fence.

Great news today!  My Fitbit arrived. I have to say that the company was very responsive and prompt once they got a copy of my receipt.  It was a simple process to replace the device without any loss in history.  Nicely done, Fitbit!   Not so nicely done was my request for an electronic receipt from Kohls from the road. Somehow they claim not to have a record of individual receipts other than at the local store. That was no help (Fitbit was purchased at Kohls).

It’s ok, back to counting steps, and no tan line on my wrist!

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Another day another beach








Loving this vacation in Florida.  We are on St. George Island, which sits between the Gulf and Apalachicola Bay. Quite a barrier beach, reminds us of Ft. Pickens near Pensacola Beach.  Quiet campground with more tent campers.  We rode bikes along the dunes, Doug did a bit of paddleboarding in the bay and we swam in the Gulf of course.  Windy, so the surf seems more like the Atlantic Ocean than the Gulf of Mexico, lots of waves, but the water is warm and clean.  Did I mention I got my fitbit wet in Panama City and it crashed, dead.  So now none of my exercise steps count (if you fitbit, you know the withdrawal).  But fitbit will replace it, soon as I get home and send them a copy of the receipt (yippee, but will I make it until then?).  One more of my “smart purchases” is Omaha Steaks before we left.  Easy portions that are frozen and ready to defrost and grill.  Yeah, we could do the same thing with vacuum sealer and all, but this worked out just fine (lots of steak on the grill, some chicken and burgers – good eats).  We roll out of here in another day, then on to Manatee Springs for some cool water snorkeling and maybe a manatee sighting.

BTW, I finished up “Edge of Eternity”, book three in the Century Trilogy by Ken Follett.  Great read, even though it took me from Christmas until now.  Now in the midst of “The 6th Extinction” by James Rollins.  What are you reading this summer?




We are now in Manatee Springs and were finally able to post pictures from their snack bar. Bought a triple meat platter of barbecue for dinner at the snack bar. Delicious and finger licking.

More when we can…

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