Lake Park Blues

Anastasia St

Well, we broke camp this morning after a rainy night last night and said goodbye to St. Augustine.  Had to do a quick shower at the beach rinse since it was so sticky hot. Just before Jacksonville we pulled in to a Pilot gas station to check gas and tires. Then round about the Lake City area of I-10 we heard a loud BANG and I looked around for propane blast or who knew what. All I saw in side view was the wheel well flapping a bit, figured we blew a tire. Pulled over and discovered we lost part of the side panel by the gas fill. No visible flat to either of the dual tires. Hmm.

We continued on to I-75 and just before the state line a couple more thumps and we figured we had a problem. Exited at Lake Park, found another Pilot station and pulled in. Well this time the mud flap was flipped up and shredded so I unbolted it. Did I mention it is like 95+?

This gave me a better view of the inner tire which was shredding and obviously blown. So here we sit while the tire gets replaced… the spare is good, but they are all ’03 manufactured tires. No wonder. So now we are on the phone with Camping World one exit away about getting all of them replaced. Sounds like they will put us up in their campground on site and replace tires in the morning.

Ah well. Fitting end to a flawless trip otherwise.


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One thought on “Lake Park Blues

  1. Karina

    So glad everyone is safe!


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