Tires and bearings

We are spending the day in Lake Park at Camping World while all our tires are replaced. Now we learned that one of the wheel hub seals is bad so after the tires are done we head to another repair shop to have that repaired. The tire change is a 5 hour repair, so we won’t be back on the road for a while. We transferred pets and cooler to the Rav-4.  With the heat its a matter of the car’s AC or staying in the store.


Jackie is cruising the store with the cat in shopping cart. These two pets have been great.

Anastasia St. Pk (2)

A shot of the RV and car loaded up and ready to leave Anastasia State Park in St. Augustine Beach.  By the way, a pair of Pileated woodpeckers decided to fly about on the live oak above our campsite on the final morning (Teasing us?  But I did get the shot this time).

Anastasia St Pk (4)

UPDATE: After 6 hours of tire change waiting and a determination that a wheel bearing seal could not be found in S Georgia, we hit the road and are now back home. Another 5 hour nerve-wracking drive but we are all safe. Did I say I love my shower? Bar’s open! Adventure recap later.

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