Remembering Merlin

We lost one of our travel companions this week, one who was with us on all our motorhome adventures and who was a wonderful companion and member of the family.

Merlin was with us just over 11 years, but it seems like so much longer than that. If you follow Jackie’s facebook you already know of his passing, but I wanted to post a page about this amazing animal, though it is not easy.  You see, he was not “just a cat” but truly a member of the family. 

Merlin was aptly named because he would suddenly appear and often just as quickly disappear from your side. He was a very good buddy for his first brother, Benji, and he took to his second brother, Kodi very quickly. Actually, we are sure he told the young pup just how things were going to work around the house and so long as he listened to Merlin, things would be just fine.  The way he interacted with them, he might have thought he was a dog, too.  He tolerated others too, such as Allie when she came to stay.

Merlin and puppy Kodi

Merlin and Ally

Benji and Merlin in 2016

Merlin and Kodi got along so well – their play antics were crazy wrestling sessions followed by “chase” up and down the stairs. Kodi would chase Merlin down, Merlin would chase him back up – and then there might be a little hide and seek. I think Merlin saw himself as a dog and not the Maine Coon breed that he was.

When we decided to buy our motorhome for retirement travel and adventures, one of the reasons was that we could bring our pets along with us. So glad that we did that, because they were able to travel south to Key West, north to Canada and the coast of Maine, northwest to Glacier NP and southwest to the Grand Canyon.

Rocky Mountain NP

Benji and Kodi only made half the trips but Merlin saw it all – Yellowstone to Acadia, Arches to Sleeping Bear Dunes. He was such a good travel companion – and somehow managed to post some comments himself. Check out his section of this Blog for some thoughts : MEWS

Jackie said that having pets is tough, because you know you will outlive them – but you love and enjoy their devoted companionship every day they are with you and you cry and miss them terribly when they are gone. Like family.

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3 thoughts on “Remembering Merlin

  1. Karina perry

    Love and miss you Merlin! You were the perfect cat especially when you visited us! We will miss your meows and soft fur.


  2. Linda Wilson

    Nice! RIP Merlin!


  3. Jill Moody

    So sorry to hear. Our furkids definitely pull on the heart strings. Currently I have 3 cats, all which I adopted at a rescue. Two of them turn 2 yrs old next month and one that will be 3 yrs. I always like to have more than one cat. This makes 10 cats that I have adopted so far. I also have a Yorkie Norwich terrier mix dog.


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